" this is denim collar.: I went to Highgate Cemetery today and found the...
  1. I went to Highgate Cemetery today and found the graves of Karl Marx, William Foyle George Eliot and William Freise-Greene amongst others. Unfortunately I completely forgot to even look for Malcolm Mclaren but did manage to find Jeremy Beadle. It’s a really quite thoughtful place, and it’s nice sometimes to look at the inscriptions for people you have no clue about. It’s just so strange thinking that Marx was buried in north London and that despite starting one of London’s best loved bookshops, Foyle has fewer books on his tombstone than Beadle!

    The cemetery is well worth a visit anyway, even when the Northern Line isn’t running and you have to invest in an adventure from Finsbury Park and the weird, winding local bus routes. I guess it’s just pretty cool to be a tourist in your own city once again.

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