" this is denim collar.: preparing a list to make everyone disagree
  1. preparing a list to make everyone disagree

    Here is a list of my top ten albums of 2010. Other albums such as Gorilla Manor (Local Natives) and The First Days Of Spring (Noah and the Whale) may have featured more heavily in my listening habits this year, but were not released in 2010. It’s obviously wrong and stupid in your opinion, but I think it’s right, so accept it, move on, and have a reflective thought/conversation/wank.

    10.) Darwin Deez - Darwin Deez

    The apple of the indie world’s eye currently, Darwin Deez brings a new take on a style so well created by The Strokes, and puts a new twist on it. The album is chockablock with anthems, and serves to be partly responsible for the best live show in current music.

    9.) Stornoway - Beachcomber’s Windowsill 

    In my eyes, criminally left off the Mercury Prize shortlist, this album is a brilliant album that, as it was written to be, feels natural. It is a great example of british songwriting at it’s best and got to be as highly regarded as it is by the strength of the music alone. Beautiful. 

    8.) Summer Camp - Young

    Bending the rules slightly; this is an EP, but each one of these six songs is truly magnificent and would without a doubt be a killer in an album of filler. There is strength from start to finish and it gets me so excited for the debut full length expected in 2011.

    7.) Kele - The Boxer

    As a massive fan of Bloc Party, Kele’s debut solo album was met with skepticism but as soon as it begins to roar into life, there are some truly brilliant songs that are so very him. Some even have that brilliant sense of Bloc Party nostalgia that gets me hoping for a reunion.

     6.) Vampire Weekend - Contra

    A glittering slice of afrobeat styled indie music, this album arrived in winter and instantly clawed away at the big freeze with calypso and warm synths to get anyone dancing, whatever the weather. Each song could be a single in it’s own right.

     5.) Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

    An Arcade Fire album is always met with anticipation and always laps up the praise but this is an album of supreme quality. It is written in the ilk of the albums that preceded it, but surpasses them with grace and with stadium sized anthems.

     4.) Villagers - Becoming a Jackal

    My favourite new artist of the year, Conor O Brien has surpassed himself with a mature offering. A literature inspired album consisting of stories and and dreams, the album is a delight to listen to, and offers much expectation on the follow up.

     3.) Mystery Jets - Serotonin

    Never has an album title been so reflective of the mood of the album it defines. An uplifting and buoyant piece that is jam packed to the brim with tunes and catchy hooks. Nothing released in 2010 can change a mood as well as this album can.

     2.) Foals - Total Life Forever

    So much for the difficult second album, this expansive and mature album offers a wide variety within a usually limited genre. The album is literally impossible to turn off, and blends a sense of melancholy with often upbeat movements.

     1.) Laura Marling - I Speak Because I Can

    Laura’s second album is a stunning and flawless slice of modern wit set to a folk soundscape. Truly a brilliant album, and deserved the accolades heaped upon it by critics worldwide. It is a brilliant slice of folk music, that deserves to sit amongst the greats.

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