this is denim collar.
  1. If you know me at all, I’m a massive fan of B-sides. Anything that can easily remain unfound or unflipped means you have to look for it. And if, when you find it, it sounds great then it is doubly so.

    Top tip: always overlook the lyrics though.

    Coconut Bible Yuck

  2. Anonymous asked: It's on netflix

    Cheers internet pal, you’re so swell internet pal.

  4. Natasha Khan & Jon Hopkins - Garden’s Heart. I still actually need to see How I Live Now

  5. Record Store Day was great. I am currently spending my day in the company of my purchases and a rather large pile of research on personality disorder. You win some, you lose some.

  6. 23:11 20th Apr 2014

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    If you were happy every day of your life you wouldn’t be a human being. You’d be a game show host.
    — Veronica Sawyer, Heathers
  7. Für Immer by Neu! is 11 minutes of wonderful, wonderful noise.

  8. Record Store Day was as perfect as I expected. So much coffee, so much music, so much revelry. Yes, some came and went for the records but the rest of us stayed for the passion.

  9. "Richard ‘Awley’s been robbed.” As long as we’re never robbed of him that’s alright by me.

  10. going lentil mad


    Often at my family occasions studentdom seems to prevail as a novelty. “Are you studying hard?” “What are your lecturers like?” “How’s the lecherous binge drinking culture treating you?” One other often touched upon subject is the student diet, you know, that one where you eat nothing but turkey twizzlers and wash it down with pure distilled ethanol or, if you’re going for that quirky student allure, diesel.

    A lot of people I know supplement this delightful diet with actual things that the UN, NATO, the G8, The Famous Five, the Fantastic Four, and the wider world have accepted as food. I, for one, am particularly partial to couscous and lentils. To my family, these are things that are alien. “Where’s the meat,” they cry, “and do you serve those with chips?”

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    This is pretty much the soundtrack to any 2014 outdoor activity from now on.

    Crime - Real Estate

  12. 22:50 15th Apr 2014

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    I went for a bike ride and a pub lunch and it was idyllic. Then my mom got bitten by a shetland pony and the bubble burst.

    I went for a bike ride and a pub lunch and it was idyllic. Then my mom got bitten by a shetland pony and the bubble burst.

  13. All calendars pass, days die off and hope cannot last
    but if love was like stone then yours was mine through to my bones.
    — Gentle Moon, Sun Kil Moon
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    A band for whom I wish I was Canadian.