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  1. watching daytime TV


    If, like me, you have spent a day or two camped in front of the television during time off, you’ve no doubt encountered the rusty rollercoaster on offer from BBC1 during the hours of 9 and 5. Why do these programmes exist? Why do people make them? Why am I not outside enjoying the heatwave?

    All of the excitement kicks off with fifteen minutes of “sensible journalists talk to some guy from an ageing rock band about a gig in a pub in Wiltshire” at the end of BBC Breakfast quickly gives way to the lo-fi office documentary of “bald blokes talk to old people about old people who died” or the rather less illuminating Heir Hunters. No this is not a load of super cool, Russian bounty hunters searching for the long lost relatives of Tsar Nicholas II. “I’ve not seen David since I was 45 in 348 A.D in the Visigoth kingdom so it is a shame that he’s dead,” said one mothball-agglutinating participant shortly before cackling to themselves about the money they’ve just inherited from a bloke they hated. Now I sit here waiting for my ageing angel to deposit unto me a slice of their semi-detached in Surrey.

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  2. After a while away from it, my mind always wanders to London, then through it as if flicking from page to page in a catalogue of my memories.

  4. I watched The Joy of the Guitar Riff on BBC4 the other day and I’ve decided that my criminal under-appreciation of Chuck Berry stops here.

  5. If the others heard me talking out loud they would think that I am crazy. But since I am not, I do not care.
    — The Old Man and the Sea, Ernest Hemingway
  6. horsemeatscandal replied to your post “Why aren’t we all a lot more worried”

    Did you know MIND charity or whatever doesn’t believe in any the use of diagnoses? They’re not treating anyone but I still found it a bit unsettling.

    lityerses replied to your post “Why aren’t we all a lot more worried”


    Yeah a charity shouldn’t really need to have an opinion on the people it is trying to help, right? I didn’t know that about MIND though which is really disappointing. Diagnosis is obviously difficult but it is 100% required. You wouldn’t just say a heart attack doesn’t need diagnosing! Neither can be treated by jasmine tea and dancing in leaves and twigs though for sure.

    Luke, we are destined to fester under used acupuncture needles.

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    Excited to own this on Monday.

    Excited to own this on Monday.

  8. Why aren’t we all a lot more worried that our new “Science” Minister believes in homeopathy?

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    I had a wee dip in the Atlantic.

    I had a wee dip in the Atlantic.

  10. My mom is “skanking” to Disclosure. Oh dear.

  11. in Andalusia

    I have spent much of the last week or so rolling up and down the railways of Southern Spain sampling a little of the sangria, hearing a little of the history and collecting a little of the culture.

    From the city of Cadiz, probing out into the ocean as if the land is dipping a toe in it, right through the sherry triangle and all the way up to the hive of activity of Sevilla, everybody was very accommodating and tolerant of my midlands breed of pigeon spanish.

    The history of the region, Roman then Visigoth then Moorish then Spanish, leaves different layers of architecture placed one on top of the other and, in the case of the cathedrals in Sevilla and Jerez, combined into buildings of unique design and hybrid flavours.

    On the subject of flavours, i am now a firm believer in the beauty of a pork cheek, as well as scorpionfish pate and squid ink. The sherry in Jerez was a pleasant surprise as a drink I previously thought very one-dimensional and boring was shown to be anything but when spilled from great casks behind the bar of a little cerveceria not too far from the main square.

    Trips like this one really allow you to immerse yourself in the world outside your own and to be able to do it on a budget using only hostels for accommodation was great too - although you can’t put a price on broadening horizons.

  12. The important thing is moral choice. Evil has to exist along with good, in order that moral choice may operate. Life is sustained by the grinding opposition of moral entities.
    — A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess
  13. Happy St. Swithins Day

  14. Oh yeah I met Billy Bragg. Which was rad. A lot of the debates and events at The Leftfield Tent were in my highlights of Glastonbury.

    Oh yeah I met Billy Bragg. Which was rad. A lot of the debates and events at The Leftfield Tent were in my highlights of Glastonbury.

  15. Losing my Religion came on in the taxi to the airport yesterday in Jerez and I basically lost all my inhibitions and sang along. Interesting fact: I decided once that the song is actually about Michael Stipe losing his hair.